Netflix + Marvel = true

Having watched all Netflix’s Marvel series, starting with the excellent Daredevil back in 2015.
Daredevil is dark, has some good action and violence. It is well acted as well as well filmed.

Then came Jessica Jones which I thought was okay but no more than that. In Jessica Jones we meet another Marvel hero Luke Cage which a year later got his own spin-off. The Luke Cage series was also okay but I found it a bit slow. Then came Netflix’s Marvel adaptation first major failure Iron fist. Jeeeeze what a pile of crap. So when Netflix announced that they are doing yet another spin-off, Punisher (he was a character in the first season of daredevil) I was a bit concerned that it would follow in the footstep of Iron fist. But to my great relief it is absolutely brilliant. Actor Jon Bernthal (known form e.g. Walking Dead) perfectly portraits The Punisher with his knuckle-headed, macho and gloomy acting. The series itself is back to the darkness of Daredevil with even more violence and action.

Me likey!