Lets animate things

I am so far from a front end or UI developer as one can get but I have always loved the arty stuff, and recently I was asked to redesign a web site which got me exited doing something out of the norm for me. So I got to play around with some web design and the result gave me impetus to do some more GUI related stuff. this post will “showcase” my svg skills

Every time I do anything front end related it usually starts with hooking up to a framework like bootstrap and using that. Bootstrap and the other similar frameworks are great but I felt that it was time to learn how to survive on my own in the wild.

I like when a website is alive and one of the best ways to make a website stand out is in my opinion to animate things (naturally you can go overboard with this). So I started playing around with svg and css animations, places like CodePen have excellent resources for inspiration of really cool stuff that really makes a website pop!

Below shows some of the results of my labours.

My loading indicators

I now have several more ideas for animated svgs and if they get made I will post them.

p.s. if you want to have a look at the web site I created it can be found here venturelabs.se

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