If you are anything like me, this is the tool for you. I can never remember terminal/command line interface (CLI) commands. Now a days more and more tools offer a CLI such as Node js, aws, git and many more. I had to find someway to help me.

Many commands like the normal git commands are well etched in to my mind but some less used I always have to google or ask a colleague. Well no longer, now I use snippet-vault-cli

Snippet vault CLI is built using node and some cool command line packages developed by awesome people. Snippet vault offer a simple way to add and search snippets that are executed when selected.

Getting started

Clone the repository and cd to checkout diretory.


npm install
npm link


yarn install
yarn link

if you want to change the “snv” command, edit package.json and run the link command again.


"bin": {
"snv": "./index.js"

Usage: snv [options]


-a, –add add snippet
-s, –search <searchterm> search snippets
-t, –tag [tagname] search tag
-v, –vers display version number
-h, –help output usage* information


  • delete snippets
  • edit snippets
  • combine usage of snippet-vault and snippet-vault-cli
  • use .env
  • create npm package/ or installer

Clone it on GitHub

Snippet vault CLI is available on GitHub, please feel free to clone, fork or contribute

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