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A great book does not guarantee a good movie adaptation. And a great film could be created from a bad novel. And there could be a good film that does not resemble its novel. “Ready player one” falls under the latter category.

Ready player one poster

After reading the book “Ready player one” I was blown away with it and how it spoke about growing up in the 80’s. So naturally I was equally excited about the release of the film adaptation of said book, with no one less than Steven Spielberg directing it! But to my disappointment the film had missed all the nuances that made the book great. I was no longer teleported back to my childhood and the story line was so different that you could easily read the book after watching the film without worrying that you know exactly what is coming. So in that respect the film was very disappointing. And I believe anyone that grew up playing “Joust”, knowing who Rush is and remember the release of Laydyhawk would agree.


The film is not bad, not at all. In fact it is very good! as long as you do not go in there expecting it to be true to the book. It follows the same plot but without the strong references to the decade of my youth. The acting in it is good enough and I think they got the casting right. The special effects are good without being the main theme of the film. So is it worth a watch? definitely!

but please read the book as well

Score: 7.5/10

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