Well as we a moving towards the festive season in this COVID riddled year, where we have seen lockdowns, isolations and working from home  I felt that a little festive cheer is in order.

This festive season won’t be like we are used to as most countries still have restrictions and lockdowns and most of us will probably be stuck at home.

To get in to the festive spirit here is my take on a gingerbread house.

  1. Cover a bowl of the size you want to make your death star in tin foil to stop the dough sticking
  2. Roll your dough (not too thin) and cover the bowl
  3. Bake in the oven according to your gingerbread recipe, give it a couple of minutes longer as the dough is a bit thicker than normal gingerbread.
  4. Build parts for any other stuff you want in your Star wars themed gingerbread display.
  5. Ice and glue (with icing) to assemble.
  6. Display
  7. Brag!


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