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Flash back to childhood – In 1984 a Swedish roll playing game called Mutant was released, in December 2018 a computer Game based on this pen and paper based roll playing game is released. Was I excited about this? “H” “E” double hockey sticks YES!


Before that I mainly had played Dungeons and Dragons, but when Mutant was release I was hooked on the post-apocalyptic world. An updated version was released in 1989 and another short lived updated called Mutant “RYMD” (Space). Then I drifted away from pen and paper based roll playing but in 2014 I heard that a new version of mutant was released called Mutant “År noll” (year zero) this was set several hundreds of years before the original board game from 1984. I never got around buying this game and totally forgot about it until December 2018! enter the computer game Mutant year zero – Road to Eden. I just had to get this!!

Mutant year zero – Road to Eden

Released December 2018 A tactical, turn-based strategy role-playing video game developed by Swedish studio The Bearded Ladies and published by Funcom.

Official site

Story line

you are a group mutants that resides in the Arc a haven in the Zone which is the wasteland created by the catastrophe. The group is called stalkers and they search the zone for scraps that will keep the Arc going. The zone is riddled with Ghoules and zone dogs and other nasties that are ready to kill anything that moves.

you start the game with 2 characters Bormin a mutated boar and Dux a mutated duck, however you will pick up more characters during the Game.

The game is pretty hard in the beginning and the tactical and stealthy approach needed takes a bit of getting used to. after spending a few hours playing and acquiring better weapons, levelled up a few times the game gets “easier”.


The game is very good, and graphics are great. The tactical system took me a while to get the hang of but I enjoy games that are strategic rather than run in guns blazing. The only negative is that the game is rather repetitive and I would have loved to have some more problem solving elements to the game. Get it!

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