Saturday 13th October – Malmö Live

Another year, another October, Another Leetspeak! I just attended my 5th Leetspeak developer conference and as usual this event was run in a very professional fashion and you come away feeling inspired, long may it last!


Leetspeak is a conference by developers for developers. It started in 2012 by the dedicated knowledge company tretton37 with the goal to be an affordable, high-quality, community conference. Leetspeak is a way to reach out to fellow developers who want to connect and learn from others


this years leetspeak was the best since 2015 in my view, this year might have been a bit less technical they had a really good set of speakers.

Expectations are high

this year the topics where

  • The Next 100,000 Notions of ‘variable’ WILLIAM BYRD
  • Why I’m Not Leaving .NET MARK & WILLOW RENDLE
Mark Rendle in action
  • Apps, Algorithms and Abstractions: Decoding our Digital World DYLAN BEATTIE
  • Pushed to Higher Standards: Reliability and Resiliency in Application Development on AWS Jibby Ayo-Ani
  • Solid principles tretton37
  • Mob Programming and the Power of Flow Woody Zuill


The day opened up with Will Byrd doing a talk on variables and did some lisp magic that mad most people’s head explode.

Say what??

Next up was Mark Rendle and his 12 year old daughter Willow (who did an amazing presentation in front of 400-500 people) telling us all why he is not leaving .net. All talks were good but this session was my personal favourite, he gave 7 very compelling reasons why .net is still stuff. And I have to say I am actually glad to hear this talk as you often forget how excellent .net really is, and it is far to easy to get swept up in the latest cool framework instead of realizing that you are already doing the hottest stuff right in .net

The seven reasons

Maturity – it is almost 17 years since .net was first release into the wild.

Now all is open source, can run on most platforms

.Net Core 2.1 & C#7.2

Blazor – Full-stack web development with C# and WebAssembly

*Q: What makes WebAssembly better then ActiveX?
A: It doesn’t require IE6. WebAssembly really opens up the power of .net running in your browser *

AvaloniaUI – A cross platform XAML Framework for .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono

I have to give this a spin

CoreRT – .NET Core Runtime

Still early days but when the tooling is ready it will be very powerfull.

Xamarin.Forms – Build cross plattform app in C#

Unity3D – For the Game developer

Poor Dylan Beattie drew the short straw with the session directly after lunch but I honestly not seen a room more enthralled by a guy talking. His talk was so well delivered about how easy it is to forgett what a totally amazing industry we are actually working in and what fantastic things has been created in the last 50-so-years.

Jibby Ayo-Ani‘s talk on AWS was also good with some nice anecdotes. Might have to give AWS a spin on of these days.

One of the speakers could not make it. So the next talk was about the SOLID priciples was added on very short notice so credit to tretton37 who has some quality speakers among them.

The final session was about mob programming delivered by Woody Zuill who is an agile coach and he gave some great benefits of mob programming.

A huge thanks to tretton37 who once again delivered a great experience. see you next October.

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A sad note.

As I was writing post, I got the news that legend Paul Allen has passed away :'(

R.I.P mr Allen

Paul Alen

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