The island’s name is a compound word formed by the Spanish words for “strong” (fuerte) and “fortune” (ventura). Traditionally, Fuerteventura’s name has been regarded as a reference to the strong winds around the island and the resulting danger to nautical adventurers. However, it might have referred instead (or also) to wealth, luck or destiny.

In 1339 the Mallorcan navigator Angelino Dulcert, in the Planisferio de Angelino Dulcert, referred to the island as “Forte Ventura”. – Wikipedia


Sun, goats, olives and aloe vera

Some would probably say that Fuerteventure is a barren place, but I think it is a rather striking landscape, where sometime it feels like you are on a different planet. I have been to the island twice, once in February and once in November and both times offered what I was after, sunshine!, however the November visit we did experienced some rain.

Both visits our base has been Costa Calma in the middle region of the island. This part is mostly hotels and costa Calma doesn’t offer a huge range of restaurants and night life, but both time we have been all inclusive which suited our needs as we only wanted to relax by the pool and recharge our batteries.

If you get bored of lying by the pool sipping your favourite cocktail you could do some day trips. As Fuerteventura is rather small you can drive around it in a day including stops. So what is there to see… Fuerteventura has a population of roughly 110,000 people and 150,000 goats! There are several places that make and sell goat cheese.

As mentioned earlier the place is rather barren but 2 things seems to thrive on the island, olives and aloe vera and there are several manufacturers and shops selling aloe vera products that are worth visiting.


Simple Island Geography

Corralejo – Irish pubs, pizzerias and discos

Capital Puerto del Rosario – shopping mals

Costa Calma – wind surfing, relaxing, great beaches and a zoo

Morro Jable – pitoresk and a turtle sanctuary


If you looking for a holiday were you do nothing but lounge around the pool and beach. Then I would highly recommend Fuerteventura’s Costa Calma area. If you want more of a night life the north is probably better for you, but Fuerteventura is not a party island like Ibiza.

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