zombie killing is fun

Dead of Winter is a cooperative survival board game. You have to work together toward one common victory condition, but there is also a twist in that each player has an individual (secret) victory condition and one of you may be a traitor working against your common goal. As it is a co-op game there are less chances of the players falling out over events in the game (however this is not guaranteed).

The game is set is post apocalyptic earth where zombies roam the world and you and your fellow survivors need to try to survive each hard dark winter day.

There is a bit of a learning threshold, so I would definitely recommend to play through it a few times before you invite your friends. There are some excellent tutorials explaining the rules and game play.

 You can even watch Wil Wheaton (and friends) play the game

Game Data

Publisher :plaid hat games
Game time: 60-90 minutes
#Players: 2-5 players Age: 12+
Website: plaid hat
Boardgamegeek score: 8.01/10 boardgamegeek

In Summary: Once you master the rules, game playing time goes down and you can easily complete a few games in an evening. The game is non-stop zombie killing, catastrophes fighting and crisis solving. Highly recommend the game

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