This simple yet delicious recipe I got from my brother-in-law. When I say it is easy I really mean throw everything in the wok. cook for an hour, serve and be amazed.

Thanks bro


5 cm bit of Fresh ginger (grated)
2 cloves of garlic (pressed)
1 onion onion (diced finely)
a little oil (for frying)
500g – 1kg of ribs (i prefer shorter ribs) (separated to individual ribs)
1 dl sugar (Muscovado)
1 dl soy sauce
1-2 table spoons of fish sauce
juice of 4 limes
approx 1/2 liter of water
1 bunch coriander (chopped coarsely, put 1 dl of the leafs away for garnish) but use stalks for the sauce.
4 sprigs of spring onions (chopped. keep aside one fistful for for garnish)
Salt and black pepper
1 (or less if you are not keen on hot food) Sliced chili (I prefer habanero, chopped finely for garnish).


Prepare all ingredients (i.e chop, dice and juice all required ingredients)

In a wok fry the ribs in some oil until they get some colour on all sides.

Add ginger, garlic, coriander , onion and spring onions, and season with salt and pepper, fry for a bit longer.

Add the sugar

Add the limes juice

Add the soy sauce and fish sauce (don’t get fish sauce on yourself it stinks for a long time)

Add water (the ribs should be covered with liquid) and let it simmer until the sauce is reduced to a sticky mess. keep on adding water if required if the sauce dries out before the ribs are cooked.

Before serving garnish with the chili, spring onions and coriander



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