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The Cost of saying Yes

The Cost of saying Yes

Recently I got myself into an unhelpfully stressful situation at work. My team was doing really well, but the larger project was hitting some snags. I was approached by one of the people from the business side to see if my team could help out with a small website as...

LeetSpeak 2019

LeetSpeak 2019

LeetSpeak is a one day annual developer conference usually held in Malmö or Stockholm and is organised by tretton37  Each year usually has a theme and this year was about ethics in computing. "We want to talk about the life-giving power of software, and also make sure...

The Meeting Manifesto

The Meeting Manifesto

One of my biggest frustrations at work are meetings, as a developer I have always loathed these pointless time-wasting breaks in my working day and I have to say it has not got better now later in my career.

My loathing (and I think this goes for most people) of meetings is not in the concept of meetings and discussions, these are one of the most important aspect of our work. How else are you going to find out what it is we are expected to achieve. My issue is with the format of meeting.

Snippet Vault

The only snippet manager you’ll ever need wink

Snippet vault is a lightweight and easy-to-use application to manage your snippets, built with electron and reactjs.

Mixit up Team creator

Did you get lumbered with mixing the teams for the work night-out? Well it cant be easier with MixItUp team creator.

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