About Me

After 40+ years on the planet and an extensive career in IT  and development I still love (generally) what I’m doing. No matter if I am building a new banking website or creating stuff for an exciting brand like Polestar (electric performance car). The fact that you get to be creative everyday is very rewarding.

I have in my career worked in large multi national corporations, small development houses, I have been part of start ups and and crash and burn projects but I have loved it all.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “NO! Not another techie geeking out about the wonders of technology!” Well the answer to that is hell yes! But only the good bits I promise. Anyway apparently it’s cool to be a geek now. (Just not cool to use the word cool. Hey, 40+!) So yes, there will be tech but there will also be films, books and much more. Maybe even my favourite dumpling recipe. Anyway if you want to know what pushes my buttons and makes me, then you better join my blog.

My top skills

  • C# 98% 98%
  • Services, API 97% 97%
  • Web 89% 89%
  • Technical Project Management 80% 80%
  • Team Work 101% 101%
  • Full-stack 78% 78%

Snippet Vault

An electron/react/node js application that allows you to save your favorite snippets, and copy and them with short commands for pasting where ever you need them. All code is on GitHub so please feel free to contribute.


Your one stop shop for creating teams. You can select how many teams to divide your team members between, and you can randomly assign team names from various themes

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